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Human Resources Management Hilti continues to grasp on success and expand globally, but their path weren’t always well defined. The company began in 1941 and historically they’ve kept to traditional strategies when it came to recognizing human resource requirements. In the early 2000’s, the company established a new set initiatives, aimed at doubling revenue and operating profits. Hilti also recognized that this type of growth would require invigorating ideas to employ human resourcing requirements throughout company. In 2006 Hilti launched an aggressive growth strategy, Vision 2015. The company acknowledged its need to develop the expertise of existing staff, attract and integrate new, highly skilled employees and enhance its leadership qualities. Eivind Slaaen, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources stated, “We believe that our business will grow if we invest in growing our people. We therefore coach and support every team member to achieve outstanding results ("Hilti | SuccessFactors," n.d.). Although the company stuck to its more customary core values the past 60 years, integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment; fell short when carried or paralleled with a centralized and more focused human resource balance. Hilti identified several challenges and shortfalls with their traditional style and recognized a need for assistance. So in 2008, Hilti employed SuccessFactors, software solution company that offered global reach, speed and the ease Hilti desired.
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