Human Resources Management : Human Resource Management

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Human Resource management

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Human Resource management
Human resource management (HRM) is a designed function to maximize the performance of employees in an organization in service to the organizational objectives. The human resource unit is usually responsible for activities such as recruitment of employees, training, rewarding and also performance management. The department is also accountable for guaranteeing that the activities undertaken by the organization are in line with the standards, regulations and laws set by the government. Each of these functions of the human resource department is equally important to the success of the organization. The success of any organization depends on how effective its human resource department is. Employees constitute a major asset in the smooth running of operations and achievements of organizational goals. Therefore, it would be wiser for a company to invest in its employees and ensure that they are happy and satisfied. This is where the human resource department comes in. Guaranteeing successful running of operations requires high skilled and qualified employees. This paper focuses on two functions of the human resource department, namely, recruiting, which goes hand in hand with selection, and the training of employees.
Human resource management can be described as a new version of what used to be known as personnel management. The two tend to overlap but there still exists
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