Human Resources Management Is Where Everything Begins And Ends For An Individual Organization

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Human resources management is where everything begins and ends for an individual an organization. It’s where the total processes are created and initiated. Examples of these processes are: planning, communication, motivation, code of ethics, decisions, forecasting, total compensation, diversity, discrimination, records, rights protection, leadership, career development, training, hiring, performance appraisal, equal employment opportunity, empowerment, promotion, recruitment. Human resources management also, sets strategic processes and procedures, run difficult and complex communication as they attract the best talents for an organization. These processes no doubt cause HRM to face many challenges for an organization and the individual. Challenges for the organization may include: communication, competitive positions; – cost, quality, distinctive capabilities, decentralization, downsizing, organizational restricting, self-managed work team, small business, organizational culture, technology and outsourcing. Challenges for the individual are matching people and organization, ethical dilemma and social responsibility, productivity, empowerment, brain-drain, and job security. In order to meet the challenges head on, human resources management must be able to identify the problem and be proactive by taking appropriate action to resolve the problem. Example, if an individual leaves an organization because of the higher salary position, this means that an organization
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