Human Resources Management Of China And Japan

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Management of Human Resources is the backbone of every company in this world. Along with the ideas and principles, it is the workforce of a company which determines its success. In this report, we will compare the different approaches to Human Resources Management that are used in China and Japan. Several HR implications in both the countries will be analysed and the results of this report will predict the future of HRM industry in China and Japan.
HRM in China
The HR market in China has been in distress for the past few years. Job vacancies have not been as high in quite a while and it has created an unwanted record of 10 available jobs per job seeker. Majority of the population is ageing and a further troubling fact indicates that a large number of candidates lack the required qualifications. Almost 1/6th of the population is illiterate, and the literate ones fail to reach the marketing skills prerequisite. Also, because of the cultural preference of male children resulting into dominance of female foeticide over the years, there is a scarcity of young female workers in the country. All this leads to another unsurprising outcome which is the shortage of top-class professionals in the country. There is an unequal distribution of these top-class professionals in the country, with the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou dominating the concentration.
There is a philosophy of ‘iron rice bowl’ in the state-owned enterprises in China. This philosophy…
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