Human Resources Management Essay

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Chapter 1
“Human Resource Management in Organizations”
1. Discuss several areas in which HR can affect organizational culture positively or negatively.
2. Give some examples of ethical issues that you have experienced in jobs, and explain how HR did or did not help resolve them.
3. Why is it important for HR management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic contributor?
4. Assume you are an HR director with a staff of seven people. A departmental objective is for all staff members to become professionally certified within a year. Using Internet resources of HR associations such as and, develop a table that identifies four to six certifications
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3. How can an organization maintain its image while dealing with a talent surplus? If layoffs are necessary, what would you recommend managers do to ensure that survivors remain committed and productive?
4. As the HR manager for a multinational corporation, you want to identify HR competencies that are critical for global companies. Visit the website for the World Federation of People Management Association ( to research the topic and to identify differences in the body of knowledge in different parts of the world.

1. Working in a hospital environment it is easy to see how technology can change in the workplace. Going from writing out orders or pulling medical records by hand to now being able to put everything in a computer and have that computer travel with you from room to room and patient to patient. This makes it a lot easier to improve patient care. HR is very supportive in helping making these changes. They ensure that everything you need is in place to make the process that much more smoothly so that the patients will not be disturbed or inconvenienced.
2. When an acquisition takes place, there is usually a lot of concern on behalf of all the company’s employees. Not only the company that is being acquired also by the company that is doing the acquisition. Usually there will be jobs lost, consolidation of positions, promotions, demotions, etc. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to ensure