Human Resources Management Practices

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The fierce marketing competition drives company to seek new resources to improve their core competences and adapt to changing of the internal and external environment of organisation. A growing number of HR professors argued that strategic human resource management can be regarded as a source of sustained advantage for competition (Zupan and Ograjenšek, 2008). But there are lots of limitations exist in previous literatures, which do not answer questions like which strategic human resource management practice is best fit to enhance performance of organisation or is there any most effective SHRM model? Thus, in the article “the impact of bundles of SHRM practices on the performance of European firms”, authors mainly adopted the quantitative…show more content…
It is means that researchers need to collect data in different units by using a form of highly standardized during a specific period (Anderson, 2013). Such as the data used in this article is gathered via mailing questionnaires to HR managers in 1999 and they are from some typical collectivization enterprises in different 16 countries. Utilizing cross-sectional design can bring about several benefits. At first, cross-sectional design can cover a wide range of data to compare variations because there are multiple cases rather than single case being investigated in the research, so it is relatively easier to receive a large amount of data (Bryman, 2012). In this research, survey adopts mailed questionnaires to companies, which is easy to implement because mail addresses are acquired before research and researchers send questionnaire to 16 countries without geographical restrictions. In addition, multiple variables can be included in one questionnaire, thus cross-sectional design can test relationships of several factors and save time of study. For instance, 15 types of HR practices are included in one questionnaire and authors can study the relevance of enterprise performance and 15 different independent variables simultaneously. But there are some potential weaknesses for applying cross-sectional design. First of all,the validity of data would be weakened due to time limited, for
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