Human Resources Management Survey: Recruitment as the Most Critical HR Function

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(Gurchiek, 2008) According to Harris (2011), the size and quality of the workforce makes a huge impact on the effectiveness of the company. The size of the workforce also goes on to determine how the human resource area will function and what its priorities will be. Larger companies go on to work with a large workforce but that also means bigger responsibility. The company needs to be aware of how the employees are working and whether their output is what it should be. We have seen that the problem arises in not only maintaining a large work force but also staffing the large work force as well. Major problems that arise in large companies is recruiting the employees and maintaining their training and teaching to maximum level. HR personnel have a very critical task of deciding who to hire and how they want to divide the work that is given. For instance, an HR manager needs to strategically plan how many people should be kept per shift. He needs to make proper team assignments, keep the morale high and also offer motivational bonuses in a smart manner. In order to recruit the best, the managers need to go out there and see what the world has to offer. This can include going onto job fairs and mailing promotional offers. Due to globalization, recruitment in larger companies is an…
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