Human Resources Management : The Success Of Organizations

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Human resources management is key to the success of organizations as they build their infrastructure. This chapter focuses management’s ability to recruit, select, train and develop their employees which will fit the goals and objectives of the organization. The role of Human resources manager can be conducted by a department of one person depending upon the size of the company and their size (Satterlee, 2013). During the recruitment process, employers should implement tools to ensure a diverse workplace. In addition, as organizations hire to fill positions they must be mindful to train employees on the laws surround sexual harassment and current issues in the workplace. Group Consensus Hiring Process The hiring process is an opportunity for managers to be an effective part of their organization’s strategic plan. Hiring managers are tasked with the responsibility of aligning their department’s goals with the goals of the overall organization. Managers can accomplish this by implementing the strategic steps of alignment, leadership and knowledge management, results-oriented performance culture, talent management, and accountability (Satterlee, 2013). These various steps and other hiring tools help human resource managers in their roles. As they become aligned with the organization the process begins with how to recruit and whom should they select. Managers seeking to fill open positions can do so by seeking either internal or external candidates. Each of these
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