Essay on Human Resources Management at REI, Inc.

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In a competitive economic environment, human resource management has taken more of a strategic, hands-on role in many companies to handle the challenges they face to stay competitive. Companies must find ways to bring in customers and keep good, well-motivated employees on the job. With this in mind, companies that are successful must have sound HRM practices and provide a positive workplace for employees. Looking at the Top 10 Companies to work for, we want to know if HRM practices have an effect on that company being one of the best places to work. We will look at REI, number 9 in the top ten companies to work, to see if Strategic Human Resource Management plays a role in their success.
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Part of REI’s strategy includes “three core strategic objectives - Customers, Employees and Partnerships” according to REI’s website. These three core objectives together provide REI with that comprehensive advantage. REI strives to offer a shopping experience that makes their customers feel comfortable and welcome when they walk into a store. REI also puts a lot of effort into making sure their organization is diverse and reflects the customers they serve while providing excellent service and expert advice to customers so they can have the best outdoor experience possible. REI puts a lot of effort into making sure their employees work in a positive environment. According to REI’s website, “REI dedicates significant time and staff resources to ensure our work environment is inclusive and welcoming for all employees. We provide training for employees at all levels, and we reinforce positive behaviors and emphasize respect for all individuals.” This philosophy lets employees enjoy a family oriented workplace where all employees share common goals, a vision, and a love for the outdoors. REI also provides a plethora of benefits to their employees, to include stewardship projects, community projects, same sex marriage or partner benefits, sabbatical leave, and many other incentives that make working for REI a great experience, which we will discuss in more