Human Resources Management at X-Fab Sarawak SDN BND Essay

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The following is the information that we collected from the job analysis questionnaire by interviewing with the HR manager assistant. Besides, some of our own finding information comes from various sources, such as HRD textbooks, online website, and article.
1.0 Job identification
The following job description is collected through interview. The interviewee that we selected to conduct the interview is the full-time HR manager assistant that work at the X- Fab Sarawak Sdn Bhd. The number of people who are holding this position in HR department is 5 persons. The HR manager assistants are responsible to report all works flow to HR manager.

2.0 Job summary
The mission of the HR Manager Assistant at X-Fab Sarawak SDN BND is to select, recruit, and develop the talent employees to work for the company. Besides, HR Manager Assistant aims to maintain the harmony and pleased working environment in the company. The last mission of this job is to provide the systematic Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
The major function of the HR Manager Assistant is to aid the HR manager in multifaceted of works. For instance, they help to select, recruit, manage assessments, schedule appointments, conduct alignment, keep records and information, and monitor behavior and performance of the employees.
Basically, the work flow patterns of the HR Manager Assistant are shown below. First of all, the HR Manager Assistant collects the personal information of all the employees from others…

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