Human Resources Management at X-Fab Sarawak SDN BND Essay

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The following is the information that we collected from the job analysis questionnaire by interviewing with the HR manager assistant. Besides, some of our own finding information comes from various sources, such as HRD textbooks, online website, and article. 1.0 Job identification The following job description is collected through interview. The interviewee that we selected to conduct the interview is the full-time HR manager assistant that work at the X- Fab Sarawak Sdn Bhd. The number of people who are holding this position in HR department is 5 persons. The HR manager assistants are responsible to report all works flow to HR manager. 2.0 Job summary The mission of the HR Manager Assistant at X-Fab Sarawak SDN BND is to select,…show more content…
If there is any performance problem, as a HR manager assistant needs to identify the causes of problem as fast as possible and thus design suitable methods to overcome the problem to prevent the decreasing of productivity of the company. Rather than that, he is also responsible to explain and administer company personnel policies, benefits, and procedures to employees or job applicants. Hence, employees are clear about the rules and regulation of company and the benefits that they are entitled. Another duty as a HR manager assistant is to schedule examinations by coordinating appointments. Therefore, he is saying that, he needs to schedule and make arrangement to interview with the candidates during selection and recruitment. He has the responsibility to concern about employees’ grievances and complaints. Then, he will take action to solve those particular problems. As a HR manager assistant, he also needs to save the accurate records, including personal information, payroll, leaves of absences, and vacation/sick request properly. According to our finding, the keepings of accurate records are not only related to the legal requirement, but also with the requirement to save the specific information about the employee as defined in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Accurate HR records can save your business money, 2012). 3.2 Constraints on actions

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