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How Does Fedex deal with different two cultures? Saudi Arabia Culture: Working with Customs officials throughout the world, FedEx has developed innovative technology to eliminate many paperwork-handling steps and expedite the movement of international shipments. This is the FedEx Expressclear electronic Customs clearance system. Starting at the origin, state-of-the-art technology allows the processing of shipment paperwork and electronic transmission of documents to the designated FedEx hub and destination clearance location. The Expressclear system also keeps a database of regulatory information which includes importers numbers, broker designation, corporate contact names and telephone numbers. At a FedEx hub, international shipments are…show more content…
Further details, including a list of regulated products are available from the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has adopted ISO 9000 as the official standards for the Kingdom. SASO acts as the official accreditation body through the Quality Assurance Department. While compliance is voluntary, many government procurements require this standard or its equivalent. Currently, there are more than 1,420 SASO and 976 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) standards. The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has implemented a program known as the International Conformity Certification Program (ICCP) that applies to 76 regulated products. The purpose of the program is to protect the Saudi Arabian consumer. ICCP is administered worldwide by Intertech Testing Services and the program consists of two related but separate processes: Registration and Inspection.Regulated products exported to the Kingdom are required to be registered by the manufacturer and must have a Certificate of Conformity issued by Intertech. Genetically modified food (GMO) has specific labeling requirements. If a product contains any genetically modified plant ingredients the information is required to be communicated to consumers via the label. GMO imports must also be accompanied by a certificate issued by the producing country stating that the product was
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