Human Resources & Organisational Development Case Study: Golden Dragon Group

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Executive Summary The report is based on the case study on the Golden Dragon Group. The Golden Dragon Group had a number of problems with the way things were run in the company. Since GDG is a traditional family owned business, it posed more issues to the company. Mr Wilson Lim, the next in line to take charge of the company wanted to make amendments to certain procedures and the ways things are done. The main aim of the report is to help GDG undergo the necessary changes in the best way possible in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency. We started the report touching on the positive and negative effects of the open system with regards to GDG. We explored the effects of change that the company might face if it was initiated. We…show more content…
There is a brief overview of the company on its strengths and weakness and we have provided recommendations on the direction the company should adopt in order to succeed in the future. It is important for the company to change its approach from a traditional business to a more contemporary organisational structure to keep up with current trends and remain effective. In this report we would cover the pros and cons of an open system in relation to the company. We also used the Lewin’s change model to explain how the process of change would occur in the company. In addition, we came up with a couple of intervention strategies, namely Technostructural Intervention, Process Intervention and Human Resource Intervention which would help ensure that the necessary changes take place. We would then touch on how the company can maintain these changes through monitor and control. Lastly, we conclude the whole report with our recommendations for the company to ensure it remains competitive and effective. We used materials collected from the internet and Human Resource books from accredited authors to find relevant references that can be linked with our recommendations and suggestions of the report. Overview of Golden Dragon Group Golden Dragon Group is a family owned business comprising of nine boutique hotels in South East Asia. The founder and soon to retire James Lim, is passing on the business to his only and eldest son, Wilson Lim.

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