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PG# 22 2) Why is it correct to conclude that all managers should be involved in developing and implementing HRM activities and programs? All manages should be involved in developing activities and programs because if not there is a large chance that the department yet alone the company itself will come across many adversities that can harm the business. ALL HRM should take the initiative to be leaders in the company to show that they are able to handle several situations and overcome any problems the company may face. 3) How has increased globalization influenced the way HRM is practiced in the United States? HR practitioners now have the ability to review the best-in-class HRM practices of other countries to see if they can be…show more content…
Issues such as recruitment, safety, health, rentention, and legal compliances. Small firms have the same concerns and legal liabilities, and profit expectations as larger organizations. PAGE 58 4) What role does education play in the fastest-growing occupations? Education plays an important role in fast growing occupations. It does however require regular specialized training, certain classes and also have training for employees to be kept up to date so that they can have chances to further advance in the company. 6) Explain the reasons why today HRM is playing a larger role in an organization's strategy than it did 10 years ago. HRM is increasing in many different ways now. With so much new technology and different resources to pull from it gives HRM’s a chance to be very strategic and develop many ideas for the organization. 8) Small firms, like large enterprises, must engage in developing clearly stated strategic plans. Why? Because a strategy indicates what an organization’s key executives hope to accomplish in the long run, every firm, large or small, needs strategic plans for survival and as a road map for the future. Strategic planning sets the mode for the difference between survival and failure. 9) What are the implications for organizations with an aging workforce? Aging customers? Currently, there is a huge skills gap, which means a lack of skilled labor. Unless this gap closes, firms may have to be
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