Human Resources Planning And Human Resource Planning

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Human resource handle administrative functions in an organisation and Human resource planning expand strategies for relating the skills and size of manpower to enterprise needs. In simple words the planning system makes recruitment, gives training and restructures the staff requirement to meet the organisational goals and changes within the environment. Human resource planning is a paramount component of Human resource management.

B.J Smith (1992) describes that Human resource planning is the legal process of associating business strategy within Human resource practices. Human resource planning is the vital managerial function of an organisation. In Human resource planning various process are involved to gain the importance such as deciding the goals and objectives, estimating future employee requirements, Planning of job requirements and job description.

According to E.Geister (2006,P30) “Human resource planning is the process that includes forecasting, developing and controlling by which a firm ensures that it has proper number of employee and right kind people at right place and right time for which they are economically most useful”. R.K Sharma and S.K Gupta explains the various objectives of human resource planning. Some of them are Assessing skill requirement in future, Controlling the wages and salary, Cost ensuring higher labour productivity, Ensuring proper and efficient use of Human resources in an organisation.

The first decision of Human resource planning is

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