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Human Resource planning Name: Institution: Human Resource planning I am Juanita Espinosa, a young professional practising the human resource profession in an administrative capacity for the first time. The organisation that I am working with now is a non- profit one whose mission is to ‘stamp out hunger among the young and elderly in our lifetime.’ I am faced with several challenges at my new posting with the organization at the point of closure. I have the responsibility of identifying the challenges that are crippling the organization and finding solutions to them in the shortest time possible. Some of the issues I have identified are reduced donations, low retention of employees and unmotivated staff, stagnant pay and little to no chances of sponsored training. In a five-week time threshold, I hope to find solutions to these issues to enable implementation in the larger part of the year so that the organisation will not be closed down. The following is a miniature strategic plan that I plan to use to sort out this situation as best as I can. The first thing I did was to assess the current capacity of the 90 employees that the organisation has that comprises of 30 permanent staff and 60 volunteering staff. In my assessment, I learned that the organisation is holding on to some employees whose input to the overall agenda of the company was no longer zealous. This, I learned especially from my acquaintance with Melissa- the former HR manager at the

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