Human Resources Policies And Procedures

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Assignment 2: Human Resources Policies and Procedures Ways that the Joint Commission has influenced the basic functions of HRM Every patient is supposed to access safe and quality healthcare services at all times. As such, it gets important to develop proper communication channels and a good understanding of the patients for purposes of offering high quality healthcare services. The fact that hospitals serve people from all over with varied cultures tends to call for effective planning by the management to get the right strategies that will improve communication between the hospitals and the patients. This happens to be very important as failing to do this might result to high levels of ethnic disparities being experienced in the hospitals. As such, the services of the joint commission are highly needed in helping the healthcare facilities to achieve these objectives. According to the joint commission, all leaders from different hospitals are supposed to offer a framework that will help in planning, directing, coordinating, and any other activity that will help the organization to offer the best care possible. The role of the leaders is also to treat the patients effectively and efficiently by responding to any of the issues that is raised by the patients for purposes of offering effective care. As such, the joint commission has played a key role in keeping records of how to deal with cultural differences in the healthcare facilities that will lead to efficiency in the
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