Human Resources Profession Essay

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Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms

The Army is a profession that consist of professional Soldiers who commit to the stewardship of the future of the Army. The Army is made up of strategic leaders who must balance the expertise of current and future operations, and culture of its practices.
Since 1775 the Adjutant General Corp has been redefining its role and importance on the battlefield. Human Resource NCO’s are force multipliers who are key in providing accurate information that allow for the strategic senior leaders to make tactical decisions. Profession is a commitment to produce expert work. Through training, experience, self-development and mentorship the Soldier becomes the professional.
Professionals are measured
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The professionals in the Army must learn from its challenges and failures. Learning and adapting from failure builds the trust with the American people.
The role of the Human Resource Sergeant in the Army profession is that of a force multiplier. In 1775 the Adjutant General branch became the second oldest branch in the U.S. Army. That honor calls for the responsibility of a strong NCO Corp to carry on the tradition of excellence set forth by the previous generations. The Human
Resource profession touches all aspects of the Department of Defense organization. No other branch impacts all MOS's, all branches, all services and all theater of operations as the Adjutant General branch. Human Resources NCO's are required to be effective in their fields of study or the senior strategic leadership will be unable to make informed decision in the theater of operations. In conclusion, professions such as the Army are committed to produce expert work. The professional strategic leader must be able to balance operations and our culture and institutional practice. The Army’s culture is built on the foundation of
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