Human Resources: Progressive Discipline Strategies

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Due to the fact that such organizations do not have a copious quantity of employees, the standard procedures that govern other more populous, rigid organizations is not in place because of the perception that adopting them would expend too many resources and is not needed because of the limited amount of employees. This perception, however, is undoubtedly false and will simply result in employees taking advantage of this situation by utilizing the lack of structure, and more importantly, the lack of discipline, to essentially set their own rules and decorum for working. Oftentimes, these tacit, implicit rules come into conflict with those of the organization and result in a lack of productivity that may make it difficult to stay in business for a sustained period of time. Long is correct in believing that the implementation of a formal disciplinary policy would swiftly provide a corrective to the primary issue of employees arriving for work late. In order to properly implement this type of discipline, however, it is essential for Long's organization, Handi Insurance Ltd, to take a number of measures that ensure it will conduct the management of its employees in much the same way that any serious, respectable organization would. Thus, there would need to be some major…

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