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Recruiting Helpline Counselors: Dilemmas in Validation
Human Resource Management

Recruiting Helpline Counselors: Dilemmas in Validation
I. Identify and analyze the symptoms and problems that the ‘Carers’ face and offer recommendations for their solution.
II. Based on the information given in this case study, conduct a speculative job analysis and prepare a job specification on what being an effective volunteer telephone counselor entails and which attributes you feel as necessary prerequisite.
III. Based on the job specification you have prepared for question II, prepare a job advertisement for the recruitment of telephone counselors.

I. Identify and analyze the
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There are several necessary adjustments to The Carers recruitment and selection process. The changes can be categorized into solutions, the first solution would be to do nothing and continue with the current recruitment process. The job advertisement would continue to be vague and rather generic, which does not clearly state what type of volunteer that would satisfy the organization’s needs. Therefore resulting in a surplus of applications that would take months to process, while filtering out the ideal volunteers. This solution is not an option in this case due to the time sensitivity, dire needs to cut cost in training individuals not suitable for the job, and retain those already trained and suitable.
Modifying the job advertisement would be the first necessary solution in this case. The initial job advertisement was inaccurate, for example, the hour requirements. Initially, volunteers were asked for 8 hours per month but in reality 15 hours were required of them. The needs for “Good Listeners” was very vague and should be adjusted to more specific traits such as patience, empathy, tolerance, and the ability to listen to heart breaking or depressing stories. This way the applications received are candidates fully aware of the job at hand and are willing to work the extended hours, resulting in a slightly smaller and more suitable pool of potential volunteers.
An online application would be another
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