Human Resources Strategic Planning And Measurement Task Force

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Human Resources Strategic Planning and Measurement Task Force
Human Resources is often called upon to be the hub of an organization in addition to the glue that holds the organization together in collaboration with the leadership team. In many (Gutmacher, 1998, para. 3) organizations Human Resources is the department to lead the way in ensuring an organization is committed to creating diversity within the work place. This includes in hiring, recruitment, promotions, board selection etc. The staffs that are apart of any organization come in many different shapes, sizes and races it is important that diversity is priority. At BANKS industries diversity is priority in moving the company forward. The Human Resources department
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To enhance Banks Industries ability to carry out its mission, the organization is committed to make diversity management a priority for all staff. Bank’s Industries’ diversity management strategy is based on a commitment from all employees at every level with in the organization, especially that of the Human Resources department who will serve as the point of contact for implementation. Our goal is for all employees to support the Diversity Management Plan and its objectives.
Goals and Objectives
• Creating and maintain an inclusive approach to all systems, policies, and practices; and
• Selecting the best-qualified applicant for the job, regardless of race, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any other non-merit factors.
• Build a talented, dedicated, diverse workforce;
• Educating the workforce regarding diversity management principles
Role of Human Resource Department
The Human Resources department will be responsible for leading change, fostering desired behaviors, and ensuring that:
• Organizational systems, policies, and practices support the vision and are responsive to change;
• The work place is inclusive; and Managing diversity principles are integrated into the operations of the organization.
“This Diversity Management Plan will represent the organization’s strategic approach to establishing comprehensive diversity management goals and measures, and allows for periodic review of
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