Human Resources, Strategy And Business Ethic

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Human Resources, Strategy and Business Ethic
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The 21st century workplace environment is established on numerous reforms and transformations in different aspects that constitute the management of human resources. Therefore, the human resource departments in different departments have adopted different approaches to managing their employees. In this regard, most businesses and organizations across the globe have adopted different concepts of strategic human resource management in their operations, particularly, in managing their employees. With this mind, these businesses and organizations consider either best practice or best fit approaches in addressing issues that concerns employees. Speaking from this perspective, this paper will evaluate the ‘best fit/best practices’ approach in relation to strategic HRM.
‘Best practice/best fit’ approach to strategic HRM
As mentioned above some human resources analysts argue that the ‘best fit’ approach to strategic HRM is the most appropriate approach to managing employees at the workplace. To support their arguments, they reiterate that in order for an organization to remain strategic with respect to managing its employees, it needs to integrate its HR strategy with the organization’s internal and external environment. For example, in a startup environment, an organization will need employees who are innovative while in a mature environment, the organization’s focus is to deploy HR practices that promote
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