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Given today's employment environment we need to take a new and fresh looks at our Human Resource department's policies, procedures and plans so that we can maintain and enhance our human capital. Human resources need to do more than just basic administrative functions so we would like to go beyond that scope and take on a strategic role in our company. We propose to do this by viewing our Human Resource department as a customer service center where our employees are our customers. This report will examine this philosophy; its ramifications within our organization and what specifically we would have to do to implement this mindset in Human Resources.
Here at XYZ Company, We are proud of our strong reputation for providing superior
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When good employees have a high level of expertise in their departments, the goal is to retain their talent for as long as possible. We must work diligently to maintain a high level of morale and positive attitudes with our existing employees. Active disengagement of some workers can lead to lost productivity and lower morale among all employees of XYZ Company.
In order to alleviate the problems associated with employee dissatisfaction, we will be implementing a policy of applying our proven customer service techniques to our workforce. We think a great way to look at customer service is; meeting the expectations of the customer as defined by the customer. So we want to treat our employees as our customers (internal customers if you will) and meet the needs and expectations of these customers as they define these needs and expectations. We will have to look at our entire Human Resource department to see where the employee/customer might have needs and expectations, decide how to determine these expectations and formulate a plan to meet these expectations. We will also look at how these changes will help us meet our corporate objectives and help lead us towards our new goal of being a strategic player in our corporate environment.
Let us begin by taking a look at the human resource functions and identify the probable areas for implementing our customer service plan. In our organization we view the human resources (or human management)
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