Human Resources and Organizational Strategy Essay

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Human Resources and Organizational Strategy Introduction Organizational success or failure is dependent on a myriad of variables that can be challenging to measure and interpret. Success or failure can simply be luck and timing or an orchestrated and deliberate effort. As new technologies allow organizations the ability to rapidly measure and assess its internal and external environmental factors, more efficient strategies can be quickly implemented. The focus of this literature review is specifically on one of these mentioned variables. The paper will detail the relationship that Human Resources (HR) practices have with an organization’s strategic goals and vision. HR is defined by the Society for Human Resource Management as,…show more content…
To accurately cover the overview, two questions need to be answered. First, what were the traditional roles of the HR department and how did it interact across the organization? Secondly, how did organizational leadership view this department in relationship to overall strategy and vision? HR was seen as a service provider to employees that had a singular focus of providing administrative services to its internal and external customers. Regarding the traditional role that HR departments played within their organization, Lawler (2005) states: Historically, the administrative services delivered by HR organizations have been paper and labor-intensive. In many cases, the work has been repetitive and high-touch. For decades, the HR staff members who did this work were located close to the customers (that is, employees). This mindset reduces HR departments, and its staff, to believing the only role they play in organizational success is that of simply to provide support. Ultimately, some organizational leaders saw HR departments as just overhead that took resources away from efforts to achieve its organizational goals and vision. The lack of “partnership” between an organization’s leadership and its HR department has created a disconnect that left unchecked can negatively impact
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