Human Resources and Public Administration

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Deanna Saylor
Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Y505 Exam One

1. In your own words, what is a psychological contract? Why is this concept important to studying human resources? Explain. Give an example of a psychological contract you had with an employer and what, if anything, happened when it was broken.
A psychological contract is what the employee expects to receive from the employer and vice versa. For example, in my job, I expect that my employer is going to acknowledge my accomplishments and give praise and incentives for doing a job performance that goes above and beyond what is written on my job description. I think that this concept is important to studying human resources
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During this period agencies were developed as well to plan and manage new programs that could make basic changes in the role of government in American society. The American society for public administration or ASPA was founded in 1939 after the start of the next government evolutionary period “government by administrators”. The political portion of government began to merge with administrative duties and given a more managerial role than their traditional public administration. During the government by professionals period from 1955-1995 the federal service entrance examination was established to provide a single point of entry into the US civil service. This exam is meant to highlight potential employees that can grow with the service and become the leaders and professionals of the future. More emphasis was placed on recruitment of college educated candidates.
Last, the government by citizens, experts, and results began to accommodate for the introduction of the internet and electronic technology which allowed people to gain access to information and services on a much larger scale, this resulted in government agencies being more market driven and results oriented.
As the periods moved on through time, the basic theme was constantly evolving and creating laws that made work environments fair and limited corruption and favoritism from being the basis on which personnel were hired. I

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