Human Resources for Riordan Manufacturing

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Human Resources for Riordan Manufacturing Being a fortune 1000 enterprise and leader in the area of plastic injection molding, Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. has gained international praise on producing new and improved plastic designs with their “state of the art design capabilities.” (Virtual Organization) Riordan Manufacturing’s facilities are located in San Jose, CA; Albany, GA; Pontiac, MI; and Hangzhou, China. Some of their products include: plastic drink containers (GA), tailor-made plastic parts (MI), and plastic fan parts (China). All research and development is done at their corporate office in California. With these resources Riordan Manufacturing can implement most any needs a company may have. The Human Resource department of…show more content…
Project Scope With a big organization like Riordan Manufacturing, a project like this will have a fairly large scope. There are four facilities for this company, one of them being overseas and gathering the correct information in a timely matter and putting them in one central location will need time and resources in order to get the job done. As with any large project, a Scope management plan will need to be developed. This document will include all of the work required to complete the project and will be defined, managed, controlled, verified, and communicated to the project team and project manager. To gather all of this information, they will need to send a mass email to all the employees and have them provide their personal information, if the employee does not feel comfortable sending their emails through the network, they print out the paperwork and give it to the manager and they will send it via courier to the HR department. The confidential information regarding employee pay rates, tax information, etc. will be provided by the Human Resources department and there will be no need for any employee interaction. Human Resources will need to provide a due date for all the information to be turned in, so the new system could get started in a timely matter. If an employee does not provide any information, they will use the current information that they have on file. This is also a good way to the most current information for
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