Human Right Act, 1998

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We should learn to accept people for who they are, what they believe in, their cultures and lifestyle choices. We should also accept individuals as unique persons by treating them with respect and dignity; by identifying their needs and preferences. Without these, it may lead to labelling or name calling and derogatory remarks. Victims of domestic violence in refugee and ethno-cultural communities which are not mainstream, often face additional challenges and barriers in escaping the domestic violence they are experiencing. Religion plays a vital role in that factor. Everybody has the right to worship whichever way they want to worship. Human Right Act, 1998. Vulnerable people have the right to privacy and protection from harm. Invasion of privacy is also an issue in residential homes where some staff members do not knock before entering a resident’s room. Network of support- When an adult who is at risk has a family or a social network of support like friends, neighbours, children and/or church members, GP and psychiatrist effort should be made to involve them in the planning and support. Sometimes it is difficult if the service user doesn’t want any of them involved. Mrs.P wanted to be on her own however, her son and his family moved in with her which was invading her privacy. Mrs.P’s rights and choices were not taken not consideration when these decisions were made on her behalf. LO2 UNDERSTAND CURRENT LEGISLATIONS, POLICES AND PROFESSIONAL INVOLEMENT REGARDING ABUSE
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