Human Right For The People Of Israel And Palestine

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Peace is a basic human right for the people of Israel and Palestine. Given the tenuous nature of amity between Israel and Palestine, this is a difficult subject at best. However, there are women out there that believe in, and engage in, peacebuilding efforts between these two territories. Women’s participation in the peace building process of these two countries is vital to the construction of an unbiased, proactive reconciliation to occur. Because women comprise a large percentage of the population in these countries, their input and nonviolent negotiating practices are extremely important considering the escalation of violence in the presently unstable situation between these warring parties. Since women have a tendency to operate from a nonviolent arena, their inclusion in the peace building efforts are necessary to eliminate the violence that is ripping these two countries apart. Women are generally viewed as keepers of the domestic domain, thus, they stand to lose their very foundation if peace cannot be achieved. At a time when the conflict between these groups has reached an all-time high, it is of upmost importance for women to help pave the way to culminate a peaceful coexistence between these two opposing factions. The imperative need for a resolution to this age-old conflict must find some immediate answers. There are many women operating at a grassroots level which will hopefully bring about some significant changes that will be instrumental to creating a
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