Human Right Violations. Around The World The Thirty Different

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Human Right Violations Around the world the thirty different rights that are provided to every human being are being violated. The countries that are very notable to their human rights violations are Germany, Israel, Gambia, Kenya, Russia, Syria, and more. A solution that has been put to stop human rights violations are sanctions against countries, however these sanctions cost money and some countries do not have money therefore not all sanctions can be made. How can we the United States bring about solutions to human rights violations? In Chile during the period of 1973-78, thousands of citizens were hunted, detained, and tortured for their participation in Popular Unity or its constituent social movements. “Human Right violations”…show more content…
Damage to the victims of the Chilean crimes is irreparable, however can be prevented by laws that place within the country. Compared to Chile the number of undocumented or unauthorized migrants in the United States has hovered between 11 and 12 million in the past decade, despite the fortification of the United States Mexico border (Lykes and Hershberg 2). A human right violation that occurred in 2012 was the all-time high of deportations with more than 400,000 migrants removed from the united states that year (Massey, 2013). This violated the migrants right “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.” The United States not only violated human rights from deportation but from also detention facilities. “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” Despite what the universal declaration of human rights says here in the united states are being held in detention facilities across the country. In 2009 the United States (ICE) held between 380,000 and 442,000 people in about 300 U.S. detention facilities costing $1.4 billion dollars (Olga Velez 1). Looking back in history a major shift in the United States immigration policy came around the time of the great depression. The policy switched from allowing temporary labor, immigration for the purpose of the work of its first

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