Human Rights, A Non Governmental Organization

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Hi all let me start by first elaborating on the background about various NGOs and there work in the field of Human rights, A human rights NGO is a non-governmental organization that works to protect human rights and end human rights violations. The topic of “human rights” encompasses a wide range of issues, including freedom of expression, right to due process, gender equality, and freedom from poverty and violence. Many NGOs turn to the UN’s Universal Declarations of Human Rights in order to fully outline organizational goals.

Human rights NGOs vary in their approach. Some NGOs perform extensive research in order to document human rights abuses. These organizations serve as “watchdogs,” monitoring the potentially abusive actions of governments. Many human rights NGOs work to bring public attention to human rights abuses through information campaigns, NGO member updates, and coordination with the press. By garnering public support of an issue, human rights NGOs can put intense pressure on perpetrators to end human rights abuses. Human rights NGOs work at the local, national and international level and may focus their efforts on government advocacy or grassroots organizing.

I have chosen to write about Human Rights Watch, although a more familiar name we have all became accustom too is Amnesty International, but after doing some research online and finding out that Amnesty on some occasions have yielded to pressure not only from US Government but also from the gov. of…
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