Human Rights Act Of 1998

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Rights that protect human beings and the extent of legality of what they are entitled to as people are a core part of each constitution globally. The extent of human rights protection varies from country to country, with total democracies having most human rights that encompass freedom of speech and expression among other freedoms. These are the most sovereign of laws as they express how liberal and powerful the majority can be as opposed to the minority being powerful in some countries or kingdoms. In some countries, the part of the constitution (just answer legal) is referred to as the Bill of Rights. In the United Kingdom, they are referred to as the human rights act of 1998. It was previously referred to as the Bill of rights though. As expressed in the UK parliament official website, the Human rights Act came into life in 1998 to “bring rights home” (, 2014).
Section 3 of the 1998 Human Rights act has equally been center of controversy and light about various issues as who decides the extent to which the human rights stretch. The human rights act expresses the human rights that are contained in the European Convention (Jeeves) on Human rights as part of the UK laws in three forms as follow:
The UK laws should be interpreted in so far as possible to do so, to reflect the consideration for the human rights act.
If Parliament passes an act that is in contravention with the Human rights act, the courts have the mandate to declare such acts as
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