Human Rights And Domestic Abuse Essay

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Human rights are rights owned by each and every single person. In others, each person is entitled to their own rights. Many actions in this world can violate each person’s human rights, such as domestic abuse. Some people tend to ignore abuse issues between others, but many try to put an end to all abuse. Domestic abuse is present throughout the world in relationships and families, and witnesses should report it. In Argentina, the Amnesty International created a domestic abuse ad, and it was produced by Brother Ad School Buenos Aires. The Amnesty International is a global organization that campaigns for human rights. This organization exposes situations concerning abuse and supports those who try to claim their own rights. Specifically concerning domestic abuse, this organization created three ads that went viral. The ads were used in a campaign to shed light on the subject of abuse. These domestic abuse ads are meant to be thought-provoking and raise awareness for the problem in many homes world-wide. The art and photographer directors used three little Argentinean boys in their ad campaign. The art director, Diogo Montecarlo, prepared the boys for their pictures with a great abundance of makeup. After Diogo finished putting on the makeup, the boys truly looked like they had been physically abused by another person. The photographer, Lucas Rozada, took individual pictures of the boys. Each picture emphasizes spots of the face that have been abused. The first picture is
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