Human Rights And Freedom In The Social Contract, By Rousseau

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The book. One of the most famous books written by Rousseau is The Social Contract. It was first published in 1762. Is one of the most important declarations of natural human rights of western political philosophy. When it was first published The Social Contract was condemned and Rousseau was a ‘wanted man’ in Geneve and France. This book opens with the famous phrase ‘The man was born free but everywhere he is in chains’ . Rousseau gived to the epoque another meaning of the freedom. His thought was all about the general will and giving up of your freedom. And the social contract is about this. It’s a kind of agreement with which the individuals enter into the civil society. We are born with natural rights and freedom and entering in the society…show more content…
But we can say that the world has changed a lot since then. He does not permit citizens to do whatever they want as long as it is not a public interest, and today everything is based on individual interests. He is asking that our public person take precedence over our private one. In nowdays we could react in different ways to these arguments, also some with serious reservations. Rousseau in fact has been accused for totalitarianism. But Rousseau wants to make freedom possible or revokes it ? Today´s freedom is better or if the idea of freedom of Rousseau was better ? One thing is sure, the kind of governance Rousseau described is not reality now. Looking at us he might say we are not free at all, that we have lost the community spirit that makes people want to be together. I would personally doubt about which has more freedom, our life or Rousseau´s book. I think the phrase “man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” fits perfectly to us. Maybe we do not enter in the community to be a whole but community affect us in everyday life, and not only. Government , social life, community and everything around us affects our personality and our thinking way. It might be a good thing but also something that keeps you in…show more content…
If human beings today were suddenly to find themselves without political institutions, they would indeed lead unpleasant lives because they would have all the selfishness and greed that society has bred in them without any of the safeguards and protections of that society. Rousseau's hypothetical natural state is pre-societal: before we were corrupted by politics, we had none of the unpleasant characteristics that Hobbes identifies. It is important to understand that Rousseau believes it is impossible to return to this natural
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