Human Rights And Human Dignity

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According to Catholic Social Teaching, every human was born with a dignity and an inherent value. Our dignity is founded upon the doctrine of imago Dei (Himes 31); we are made in the image of God. Humans were able to receive God through incarnation, which reveals a lot about the human race (Himes 31). If God chose to become human, and humans were able to receive the word, then God is a part of us. A human’s image and capability to receive God is worth more than anything else and transcends human dignity. Therefore, we should respect other humans’ transcendent dignity. In doing so, we will also be respecting the human rights of a person too. What are human rights and their connection with human dignity? The purpose of human rights is to protect the dignity of the common good. The common good is referring to not just the majority, but everyone, which means humans’ dignity, will be protected and promoted by human rights. Two ways this is done is through political and economical rights. Liberalism deals with freedom of political liberties whereas Socialism is concerned with the equality of economic goods (Himes 34). Both set of rights are to protect a human’s dignity from threats. For example, political liberties would be freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to liberty and security. While economic rights would be rights to food, health, and education. When humans can’t meet their fundamental needs, their rights are compromised, like wages for a low-skilled
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