Human Rights And Justice : Forms And Mechanisms Of Oppression

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Human Rights and Justice Forms and Mechanisms of Oppression Stereotypes are a major form of oppression that I am observing at my field placement. I am noticing a trend that some Children’s Protective Service (on-going) Workers, I am shadowing with criminal justice backgrounds are highly critical of the respondents. Although these particular workers offer services for reunification, the moment a parent do not comply for any reason a petition is always the next step, leaving the client no room for era on low category cases. One particular supervisor who is known as “nonsense” when it comes to filing court petition based on her biases. I shadowed an ongoing case where services had been put in place for several months. The original complaint that was substantiated was for a dirty house and neglect, although the home was infested and exterminator was able to get rid of them. Cleaning services were also put in place for the family to make the home suitable again. The mother did keep the home clean based on her standards and it was functional based on their culture norms, however the supervisor felt the home was not good enough. This supervisor is not empathetic of multicultural diversity and she does not take cultural norms into consideration. I was told that this supervisor educational background is in criminal justice which helps me understand her lack of empathy, however this does not exclude her from being cultural competent. Strategies for Change I have noticed that
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