Human Rights And Social Justice

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Introduction: Many of us cannot go a whole day without having a single meal, and if one does, it would make it extremely difficult for one to find the energy and ability to focus on school or work. But for many, not having food and finding it is part of their everyday struggle (“30 Hour Famine Team,” 2011). Many around the world and in America, may not think that in the United States alone there were 15.3 million children who lived in food-insecure households in 2014 (“Feeding America,” 2016). This makes the job of social workers difficult because it is very devastating to watch children go hungry. In our group presentation, the main topic we chose that relates to human rights and social justice is, child hunger, my paper will be focused on the contributions I presented. Human rights/ social justice issue: As developing social work professionals, the National Association of Social Workers (2016) discusses that; we are established through social change in order to ensure that all people maintain equal access to the resources and opportunities that allow them to meet their basic needs (“NASW,” 2016). There are millions of children who are living in food-insecure homes that go unrecognized. Food-insecure as mentioned in America Psychological Association (2016) means that, “at some point during the year, the household had limited access to an adequate supply of food due to lack of money or other resources” (para. 2). This creates a human rights issue because according to the
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