Human Rights And The Freedom Of Expression And Education

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Human rights predominantly reflect basic moralities of self respect of all individuals. Thus, all persons should be entitled to equal rights no matter their, nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliations, political standings, language nor their class status. Furthermore, all governing countries have an obligation to uphold these universal rights. Therefore; each law that is construed on a national or international level should guarantee no discrimination towards any individuals or groups. Human rights can be governed in several aspects, for example: allowing all persons the opportunity and freedom to travel or allowing one to obtain a job is an act of governing human rights correctly. Furthermore, human rights can arrange from a very broad scope. Human rights could simply be having the right to social security, freedom of expression and education. Thus, all human beings were born with the right to freedom and equality. However, rights of an individual can be denounced in certain situations, nonetheless, those being excused need the balance of due process, which in turn, allows for fair individual rights.
Due to a vast variety of human rights violations that occur around the world, the mainstream media fails to acknowledge major incidents. Therefore, some of the issues international human rights issues that have caught my interest are of the following: In India many women are targets of rape. However, many of those incidents are never reported, while there are
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