Human Rights And The Rights

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Chapter 1: Introduction Human rights are the rights that every single human being on this planet has. However, there are multiple cases all over the world where these inherent rights are being violated. The Enlightenment era of European history allowed for the beginning of the consideration of these rights. One philosopher named Mary Wollstonecraft wrote about the many violations of rights for women in society. These violations have continued to occur up to the present day. One area where this oppression is occurring is India concerning the topic of teenage marriage. India holds 12th place in the world for child marriage and although tradition is changing to allow for women to be educated and marry later, this way of thinking is not consistent in all parts of India. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everybody has “the right to marry and found a family… at full age”, yet India is home to thousands of unwanted and underage marriages. Underage marriage has many difficult repercussions, including restricted job opportunities for women. Traditions force young girls into marrying and having children very early, which creates a mental block where they can do nothing but take care of their family. This brings up the question, “to what extent is teen marriage limiting the job opportunities of women in India”? India is a very religious and traditional country where customs mean everything. Families usually marry their children to relatives for to a safe and

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