Human Rights And The Rights

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Human Rights In this week, we focused on human rights, and the many different human right violations. Human rights are the rights and laws inherited to every human being despite their gender, social status, nationality, religion, or color. Last week we mentioned a few human right violations and discrimination issues. For instance, in the video A Force More Powerful, part 1 talks about several acts of disobedience provoked by the violation of rights of various members of some ethnic groups. The act of disobedience that affected me the most was African-Americans attempt to eliminate segregation in the south, and Gandhi’s technique to fight segregation in a non-violent approach. In the middle east, many Syrians are fleeing their country to find refugee because of ISIS. ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq) is a terrorist group led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi which whom now controls most of Syria and Iraq (Europe Negotiates With Turkey to Slam the Door on Refugees). Today, they have become one of the most feared and violent groups in the Middle east. They enslave individuals, behead their prisoners specifically American journalists, terrorize and bomb various nations, and have raped thousands of women. It is important to mention that they do not represent the millions of Muslims around the world, ISIS is a terrorist group and not a religion. Recently, they have killed 130 people in the Paris’s attack and 32 in Brussels. In Syria, two suicide bombers destroyed a mosque in February 2016

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