Human Rights And The Rights Of Tribal Communities

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Peace will not come out of a class of arms but out of justice lived and done – MAHATMA GANDHI
Human rights are the birthrights of every human being and they form an integral part of the socio-cultural fabric of humanity all over the world. However, they are vulnerable to abuse and violation.
Tribal community in India has been most vulnerable community in the unequal, discrimination, domination and exploitation ridden society. They are on the breadline of their socio-economic and political rights. Even after centuries, the unchanged condition of tribal communities is leading in India. The violation of fundamental human rights and the state brutality has been perpetrated on them, particularly on tribal women. Tribal communities have faced isolation and social discrimination like that of Dalits from the mainstream society. The Indian democratic state accords several statutes in the constitution where the rights of tribal communities are protected and social justice is determined for. However, the democratic experiment has not been successful in this respect. Therefore, there is a surge of tribal movements in the country for their rights. All tribal people of India have a thing in common- they all share a history of injustice. The present paper explores within the larger framework of human rights in general and how tribal rights are being violated particularly in India.
According to oxford dictionary “tribe” is -
A social division in a traditional society
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