Human Rights Before And After Islam

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Human Rights Before And After Islam

Introduction and background.
Human rights has become one of the most complicated and complex challenge and issue for the twenty first century (Haneef, 2016). The Islamic culture has granted some fundamental human rights for the entire humanity, without discrimination based on any situation or background. The Western Countries claim to have been the founders of human rights after which the rest of the society or people of the globe are blessed with human rights (Kirk, et al. 2016). The major question that comes up is whether human rights absolute and bestowed on men of God, or they are causative of the development in the society, or created from within
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The final prophet of Islam, the famous Muhammad, established the very initial or first Islamic society which eliminated the social and spiritual problems that were characteristic of the Arabian Peninsula (Kirk, et al. 2016).
With the coming of the final prophet, human rights advancements was increased and widened. Freedom of religion started in the region of Medina; women received respect and honour as equals; racial discrimination was practically eliminated. Additionally, with the arrival of Prophet Muhammad, the constant tribal clashes and conflicts was immediately replaced with united coalitions and ties of brotherhood; alcohol and usury were completed dropped and forbidden (Kirk, et al. 2016). The success was not only in political perspectives but also in the spiritual dimension. The strength of Islam went from one height to a higher strength.
Human rights before Islam or Pre-Islamic Approach towards human rights.
There have been several assumptions concerning the Pre-Islamic law because of several discrepancies in fathoming how the law was passed and enacted in the Arabian communities and society as a whole (Wotipka, & Ramirez, 2008). The tribe was considered the functional unit of the Arabian society and was composed of people who had strings or connections to common relatives.

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