Human Rights Causes and Effects in Myanmar/Burma Essay

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| Human Rights Causes and Effects In Myanmar/Burma | A look into the countries past, present and future of Human Rights suffering; and the issues that have resulted from it. | | Mary Knowles Block C | January the 18th 2012 |

Table of Contents Background Of Myanmar/Burma 2 Introduction and First Monarchies 2 The Beginning of Burma’s Military Overrule 2 An Explanation of the Origins of the Countries Current Issues 3 The Issues of Myanmar/Burma 4 An Overview of the Many Problems 4 Issues Caused By Deportation 4 A Look Inside the Government and Junta 5 Aid From the U.S. and Fear of North Korea 5 Various Positions On Myanmar’s Plight and Those Within It 6 Thein Seins Statements 6 Americans and the EU 6
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The Junta began to blackmail citizens as well as physically forced voting in their favor, in order to keep their power. Throughout the media allegations against Aung San Suu Kyi began to spread, claiming that she was a conspirator, since at the time she was married to the late Michael Aris, who was a British man. The Junta claimed that Kyi would attempt to bring British rule back to Burma. Ballots were also pre-marked, but nonetheless her party still received 392 out of the 485 seats. However protests against the Junta continued as they strived for more power, the Junta continued to kill participants and arrest onlookers. Another move that did bring the country onwards in terms of independence however, was that the following year in 1989, the nation officially changed their name to Myanmar. The Junta also placed Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest for unjustified and sometimes unidentified reasons, until 2002. The following year, General Kin Nyunt took over the government and gave the military plenty of unharnessed power.
The country has always been rich in natural resources, but due to political issues and their abuse of their resources, they’ve become one of the poorest countries in terms of health. In 2009, a new charter was made by the ASEAN ,an organization which is affiliated with Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. This Charter will be said to “ Accelerate
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