Human Rights During The War On Terror Essay

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INTP 245 – Research Essay

What role do Human Rights play in the war on terror? How has this affected the foreign policy of the United States of America when combating this war?

When looking internationally over the past decade there has been an emergence of vague definable terms that act as holistic guidelines for how international order should be constructed. One of these terms is “human rights” which acts as a set of overarching guidelines that all States should aim for and achieve. States have incorporated the ideals of human rights into their foreign policies in various ways especially in the area of war and conflict. This essay will focus on what role human rights play in the war on terror and how the human rights discourse has affected the United States of America’s (USA) foreign policy on the war on terror. This ultimately illustrates that the Western construct of human rights is an invaluable policy tool as a mandate to interfere in other states affairs and USA have continually utilised it as such a tool.

The concept of human rights has become ambiguous, with very little agreement regarding its meaning and application internationally. The concept of human rights could be deemed as what Gallie termed as “an essentially contested concept.” This argues that when it comes to certain concepts there is just simply no one clearly definable general use that is widely agreed on. There are a variety of elements and words that can be used to describe the concepts of human
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