Human Rights : Human Trafficking, Forced Child Labor, And The New Year ( 434-41 )

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In chapter 8 of Global Issues, Local Arguments, June Johnson exposes the concept that women are being used as a tactic and war as well as being sexually abused. In “Defending Human Rights: Human Trafficking, Forced Child Labor, and Rape as a Weapon of War, (384-439),”developing countries women are being treated unfairly as well having little say in the government leading to a delay in fixing the issue. Johnson also includes “Ten Radical Acts for Congo the New Year (434-41).” The stake holders include National Governments, International Advocates, and civil society for they are struggling to balance the controversies about human right without getting fully involved. The visual shows a girl holding a for sale sign to evoke peoples emotion this will in turn raise awareness. In “A Human Connection,” Victoria Herradura speaks about people how ignore the issues due to them feeling “safe.” Herradura states, “I realize that we often need exposure to the outside world to feel the need to help globally (393).” In the international voices it is shown that women are making progress in the equality in some places. It is also known that women are still unequal but the social gap is shrinking. The hot spot is the democratic of republic of Congo, where women’s treatment are bringing up conflict. These issues were caused by the end of slavery and thus leading to people needing a new source of workers. The effects of the Ill treatment consist of children and women dying. Many stake holders

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