Human Rights In American Prisons Essay

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Significance of Prisons The significance of human rights in prisons is an important to the criminal justice system in every country. Prisons are a necessary facility where the inmates are treated humanely.

Purpose of Investigation Prisoner rights has always been a controversial issue; if prisoners should have better medical aid, if they should have more space, and if they should be paid more. How are prisoners treated in prison? I will be investigating by looking through three key concepts which are; treatment, health, and moral. If prisoners are treated with better then there will be a lower amount of returning inmates.
I will be comparing United States of America to European
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American prisons are typically overcrowded and the inmates fight over the resources available. Where Norway has art and some even have comedy shows and plays to bring up moral. Norway’s prisons are never crowded and there are enough resources for every inmate. Consequently, in the journal the authors inform Americans about how prison guards moods affect the moral of the prison because the positive attitude helps everyone. The authors also states prisons zero to fifty have the best quality of life behind bars. Johnsen, et al elaborate on the relationships in prison, “Officers in small prisons also report more positive relationships with senior management..”. Having these positive relationships helps out the guards because they will not have to stress over their managers. Having the guards less stress can help them not lash out on the inmates. If the guards do not lash out then then they will have a better relationship with the inmates. Finally, American prisons have such high stress levels to a point where inmates are receiving stress related illnesses. America placed number fifty four in the top stressed countries in the world. While Norway placed number seventy four in the most stressed countries.
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