Human Rights In The United States: A Broken Nation

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A Broken Nation Today’s society is nothing like it should be. Our country was based on the rights of human freedom and that all men and woman were created equally. We are not supposed to judge anyone on the way they look, or base them off of their color. No one person should be discriminated in this country based off if they are legal or not. Today should be judge on whether on if a person can contribute somehow to this economy. This country should not judge anyone on how they look, or what they did to me in this country.
Human Rights are the basic rights and freedom in which all humans are entitled too. Such as civil and political rights, the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and speech/ expression, equality before the law,
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The Obama Administration has made it very clear that it will use any resource available to do what’s in the best interest for each migrant child. The way they set this up is by providing each migrant child a home of some sort ("Obama Seeks Change to Law That Protects Immigrant Kids." Pg.1). They serve as a safe place for the children to stay and grow up and not face the harsh world of reality when they first come to America (all one source) ("Obama Seeks Change to Law That Protects Immigrant Kids." Pg.1). The federal government is paying to house and care for the children who have surged across the border illegally are taking pains to make sure they are as comfortable as possible (“Illegal Immigrant Children” pg1). The dietitians of these houses make sure that the kids are getting enough of the proper nutrition such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits (“Illegal Immigrant Children” pg1). They also have set up classes that are intensive English language training, that use the Rosetta Stone program. The health services of the houses are using taxpayer’s expenses to give the children first hand medical and dental services (“Illegal Immigrant Children” pg1). In Yolo County, California is one of the biggest places that get a grant to house several dozens of the children in its juvenile detention facility ( "Illegal…show more content…
More than 400,000 people a year are detained by immigration officials in the United States which include undocumented immigrants, legal immigrants who run afoul of the law and asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution ("Detained Immigrants Often Face Harsh, Unfair Treatment” Pg.1.). Our detention system has been attracting attention because of the frown exponentially in recent years and part of it is because of a dozen of in custody deaths and lawsuit of the treatment of children ("Detained Immigrants Often Face Harsh, Unfair Treatment” Pg.1.). In the detention center people in immigration custody don’t have the same guarantees as criminal detains to their detention before a court, two thirds of people in federal immigration custody are house in state or county dentition facilities, usually alongside criminal detainees, and asylum seekers have committed no violation ("Detained Immigrants Often Face Harsh, Unfair Treatment” Pg.1.). Immigrants are subject to excessive use of restraints such as handcuffs, waist chains and leg restraints. Human rights were also violated because they lack the adequate medical and mental health treatment of the detainees ("Detained Immigrants Often Face Harsh, Unfair Treatment” Pg.1.). Which focus on women’s access to health care, and
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