Human Rights Is A Human Right

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Every day, thousands of people have their human rights violated. Human rights range from the right of equality, to the right of marriage, to the right of adequate living and more. Anything humans being deserve is a human right. They can be as extreme as 805 million people living in poverty (Yahoo, Derrius Quarles) or as simple as not being allowed to speak about your religion in a restaurant. Human rights belong to everyone. Whether or not we think it is ethical, almost everyone at one point in their lives will have these rights violated. The workplace is a common area where individuals feel their rights are violated. The workplace, in my experience, violated my Freedom from Discrimination almost every week. For almost two years, I worked as an assistant manager at Dunkin Donuts. I saw thousands of people passing through every day. People hold very different rules for what they believe is right. Most days it would be great to see new and regular customers. However, on occasion, customers would discriminate me, especially if they had an issue. About every week I was bound to deal with an unhappy customer, whether is was about their food, wait time, or charges, issues happen. When these problems arose I would treat the customer with the up most respect, apologize and clarify the issue immediately. Almost always these customers were appreciative of my help. However, there were some who could not take me seriously. After responding to their request for a manager, they could

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