Human Rights Of A Global Market : Now On Clearance

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Human Rights in a Global Market: Now on Clearance (#prompt 4) The rise of globalization and technology has unquestionably enhanced the lives of millions of individuals in the past three decades, if not longer. Apple and Samsung gadgets, wholesale and bulked dry goods, and trendy retail clothing have made Western lives more enjoyable and have made companies ever more competitive. Without a doubt, the spike in globalization and industrialization has effected every member of the world – either positively or negatively. While some may enjoy rushing through Black Friday sales, there are others on the opposite hemisphere tirelessly working to continue producing the goods that will instantly sell out. It all depends on where you were born, what class you fell into, and luck. However, the perpetuation of the bad luck by someone or some group of people has extended so far as to cause several deaths, as noted in the Joel Johnson’s article, “One Million Workers, 90 Million iPhones, 17 Suicides.” So, in a world of interconnected nations and globalization, who is the person or the group to blame for these deaths? Johnson admits partial responsibility by claiming that although minute, he intentionally hurt these slain workers in a manner as “inevitable and immeasurable as the fluttering silences of our sun. Just a little.” (Johnson, 8) Appealing to fellow iPhone consumers (almost all of the United States), he suggests that all consumers are equally responsible for their unfair treatment
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