Human Rights Speech Analysis

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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton former First Lady of the United States, gave a phenomenal twenty-minute speech that would change the rights for woman everlastingly. The phenomenal speech is entitled “Woman’s Rights are Human Rights,” and was delivered to the word on September fifth, nineteen ninety-five. The speech was held at the Fourth World Conference in Beijing, China. The phenomenal speech was an enormous milestone in the fight for women’s rights around the world. Clinton’s speech was motivational, empowering, and impactful for her audience who listened to her and for woman of every race and nationality. In fact, the speech is extremely well known over twenty years later. Clinton’s twenty-minute powerful speech affected women’s role in politics, domestic violence against woman, and woman’s role in the bored room. According to Jana Kasperkevic, a digital reporter from Marketplace, based in New York, “During the 104th session of US Congress, which ran from 1995 to 1997, 50 women were elected into the 435-member House of Representatives and nine into the 100-seat Senate” (Kasperkevic). Clinton’s twenty-minute speech made an extraordinary impact on woman in politics forever. Furthermore, As of January third, two thousand seventeen, “during the 114th session of congress, there are 104 woman who have been elected to represent American voters – 84 in the House and 20 in the Senate” (Kasperkevic). Today, woman can become president of the United States, politicians, or even senators. This is an extremely amazing accomplishment considering just 100 years ago woman did not have the right to vote or voice their opinion in politics. In 1920 woman were allowed to vote for the first time in American history. For woman to receive the right to vote it took “activist and reformers nearly 100 years to win suffrage rights for woman” (History dot com). Clinton made a positive affect for woman all around the world because of her twenty-minute speech. Additionally, she also made dreams for woman come true. Kristin Gillibrand who is now a US senator from New York, wrote “she was inspired by Clinton’s speech in 1995 and pursued her dreams of becoming a US senator” (Gillibrnd). The effect of Clinton’s speech made it possible for
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