Human Rights: The Bill of Rights

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We are all equally permitted to our human rights without prejudice. These rights are all unified, interdependent and undividable. Human rights are often conveyed and certified by law, in the manner of treaties, conventional international law, general principles and other basis of international law. Human rights laws place obligations of Governments to take action in certain ways or to avoid doing particular acts, in order to endorse and protect human rights and essential freedoms of individuals or groups. Human rights however come with responsibly.
Despite all the laws that enforce human rights, I however feel that not all of them are fair and equally applied to everybody. “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” In 2012, a total of 47 protestors were killed by police in the Lonmin’s Marikana strike. At least 78 additional workers were also injured. This was the single most use of force by South African security forces against civilians since 1960. In this case, the rights to life and security are being misused because innocent people’s lives are being taken away by other people who are violating their security and well being. These people are being put under threat and they are not being protected by the Human rights as they should.
“Everyone has the right to health…
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