Human Rights Violatioins in Syria

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Syria is going through a civil war. Stephen Starr says that the Civil war is between the Sunni Muslim Rebels and most of Syria's 2 million Christians under the rule of Bashar Assad. Bashar Assad is the president of Syria, he is honestly not a bad man he thinks what the government is doing to the citizens is terrible. They have not had a whole lot of problems in their history. Syrians are trying to figure out what to do with the chemical weapons they have. The Chemical weapons are being used by the rebels, and they should not be using them at all because they are making things a lot worse in Syria. Syria is south of Turkey, north of Jordan, east of Lebanon, east of the Mediterranean Sea, and west of Iraq. They are in the Middle East. There…show more content…
Syrian authorities conducted mass arrest according to the Human Rights Watch. The Human Rights Watch tells us that Syrian security officers and army detain children and hold them in inhuman ways. They all have to live in fear because they are scared of being arrested for their religion and then being tortured for it. The Christians are the biggest target for getting arrested and then tortured for their belief of religion.
In Syria they get tortured and sexual assaulted but they also get murdered. In the article UN Human Rights Council Concerned about Syria says that Syria’s civil war has cost 70,000 deaths of Syria’s citizens. At least 250 victims were security forces for Syria (Schlein, Lisa. UN Investigation...). The UN Human Rights Council Concerned about Syria also said that the conflict made 860,000 Syrian’s flee the country. The massacre in Houla there were more than 100 people killed (Schlein, Lisa. UN Human Rights Violations...). Chabot mentions that his own father murdered over 20,000 citizens of Syria. Some of the people in Syria have been killed for trying to believe in the religion they want to believe in. The Christians are the biggest target for these killings and attacks and they will most likely be for a long time. "The Christians now live in terror" they are scared of getting murdered cause of their own beliefs (Starr). They honestly should just stand up for their beliefs and fight back the Syrian

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